Mutual Funds*

Mutual Funds

A mutual fund is a collection of stocks, bonds, or other securities owned by a group of investors and managed by a professional company. When you put your money into a fund, it is combined with money from similar-minded investors. This large pool of money gives you much greater purchasing power than you could possibly have investing on your own. "Pooling" of money is neither complicated nor exclusive to the mutual fund industry. If, for example, you and your co-workers put your money together to buy lottery tickets, you already know how "pooled" money works!

Features Expand/Collapse

  • Can only be sold by licensed Mutual Fund Representatives*
  • Broad diversification
  • Potential for higher returns
  • Funds can be easily withdrawn
  • Eligible to be held in open accounts: RESPs, RRSPs,TFSAs and LIRAs as well as non-registered products
  • Highly regulated

Benefits Expand/Collapse

  • Member doesn't require investment expertise
  • May earn higher returns than traditional Term Deposits or GICs
  • Easy acceess to your funds
  • Regulated to protect investors

*Mutual funds are offered through Credential Asset Management Inc.