Student Loans

What is the difference?

Canada student loan can be used towards larger expenses, such as your tuition, residency and textbooks. Student loans are issued only by government agencies. Learn more at

A Plainsview Student Quick Loan is another good option for funding your education. You can get a quick loan from Plainsview and they can be secured against your assets or those of your parents to give you lower rate than an unsecured loan would. You can also pay back the loan at any time without any penalties.

How does a student quick loan work?

Student quick loans are offered by Plainsview to help fill in the gap left by student loans and other financing. Between tuition, housing, textbooks and other associated costs, post-secondary education ends up being expensive. While RESPs, student loans and grants can help cover much of this, there is still plenty to pay for.

Rather than students getting a credit card, they can establish financial independence and a sense of fiscal responsibility with a student quick loan. Opened in their name, this quick loan can help students learn the importance of tracking spending and making payments on time. Plus, following graduation, the quick line is no longer available, so they can't continue to rely on it like they might a credit card.

What is a student quick loan used for?

  • Tuition
  • Textbooks
  • Room and board
  • Living expenses
  • Transportation
  • School gear, like computers, bags and supplies
  • Activities fees

What you need to Apply

  • Confirmation that you are enrolled at a Canadian post-secondary educational institution
  • An estimate of your education costs (including tuition, supplies, fees, accommodations, food, travel, etc.)
  • A list of your financial resources (including RESPs, scholarships/bursaries, government funding, summer employment, etc.)
  • There is a maximum of $10,000 available for each year the student is enrolled in 60% course load
  • The student must use Plainsview as their primary account
  • A guarantor will be required
  • Proof that you are a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant

Note: Applications are subject to credit approval. If your credit history is limited, or you are studying at an educational institution outside of Canada, a co-signor/guarantor may be required.


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