Personal Savings Accounts


Whether you are saving for something in particular or just saving for a rainy day, a savings account is always a good idea!

Plan24 Expand/Collapse

With the Plan24, your savings will earn interest 24 hours a day! Every cent you deposit in a Plan24 at Plainsview Credit Union is working for you non-stop, around the clock.

  • This account is designed for those who require frequent access to funds. Access your Plan24 savings account at your convenience without penalty.
  • Interest is calculated daily and paid monthly.

CU Save Expand/Collapse

Our CU Save Investment Savings account offers a convenient and flexible way to invest money at a premium interest rate.

You can easily access funds when you need them - online, through our mobile app, or in-person - your money is never locked up!

  • The first debit each month is free; subsequent debits within the same month are $5.00.
  • This account is designed for those looking for a premium interest rate while not requiring frequent access to funds.
  • Blended tiered interest is calculated daily and paid monthly.