Chequing Package Plans

By adding a package plan on your chequing account, you can get a break in service fees.

Whether you use your account just a little - or you use it a lot - we have a range of account bundles to fit any banking need.

Value Plan Expand/Collapse

Benefits: This economical service plan is designed for those with very few transactions on a monthly basis.

  • The plan includes 10 debits per month (Interac and CIRRUS not included).

  • Cost: $4.00 per month

ePlan Expand/Collapse

Benefits: The ePlan is designed especially for those who prefer to complete their banking electronically.

  • The plan includes 50 electronic and 2 paper transactions per month - including internet, mobile web and telephone banking.
  • Statements are provided electronically, reducing your clutter while also helping the environment. For those who prefer paper-based statements with the ePLan, there is a $2.00 per month fee.
  • Cost: $10.00 per month

Gold Expand/Collapse

Benefits: The gold plan is our premier package that combines an unlimited amount of free debit transactions (including ATM, electronic and paper based transactions) with many other valuable services.

This high-end package includes many free services and discounts:

  • Free in-branch debits and bill payments.
  • A $10 discount on a safety deposit box of your choice.
  • And up to 3 free Certified Cheques or 3 Stop Payments.
  • Manual Cheques
  • Cost: $25.00 per month

Silver Expand/Collapse

Benefits: For those with moderately high usage within their chequing account, the Silver plan is an ideal choice.

  • Offering up to 40 free debit transactions per month (electronic, ATM or paperbased)
  • And a $10 discount on a safety deposit box.

  • Cost: $15.00 per month

Bronze Expand/Collapse

Benefits: Designed for those who use moderate amounts of electronic and paper-based transactions.

  • The bronze plan includes 25 free paper and electronic debits per month.

  • Cost: $10.00 per month

*New Account Packages effective September 1st, 2019.