Changes in Service Fees

Changes to Our Service Charges and Account Packages

Changes to our Service Charges will be effective September 1st, 2019.

In February, Plainsview Credit Union conducted a survey that members participated in and offered feedback on various banking items. The results of this survey brought us to revisit our service charges and account packages to makes some changes.

 A few changes to highlight:

  1. If you previously had our Bronze, Silver or ePlan Packages you have been moved into our ‘new’ E-Plus Package. Please see the link below.
  2. If you previously had our Gold Package, it has been renamed to our Elite Package, with some slight changes to the package. Please see the link below.
  3. Details of our Community Accounts have also changed, again please see the Personal Accounts Brochure link below.
  4. Business Account Packages have been renamed with some minor changes. Please review the Business Accounts link below.

Any questions can be directed by visiting your local branch or by calling 1-888-832-3045.