CUETS to Collabria

Important Notice - CUETS Financial Credit Card Historical Data Change Effective October 1, 2018

CUETS Financial recently announced the difficult decision to wind down their division, due to a recommendation by a national credit union committee, for credit unions to use a different provider for credit card products and services going forward.  
As a result, effective October 1, 2018, credit union members will no longer have access to CUETS Financial credit card historical transaction data. This means members will not be able to access their CUETS Financial credit card transactions in MemberDirect Online Banking or historical credit card transaction data received from CUETS Financial. 
  If you want to have a record of, or continue to access to your transactional history, here are some options:

  • From MemberDirect: Access your transactions before October 1, 2018 and download or print your history
  • From your Credit Union Online banking: Members who would like to keep their spending history could re-link their CUETS Financial credit card via the Linked External Accounts feature of PFM
  • From CUETS Financial Online Banking ( Continue to access your 
    historical and future credit card transactions after October 1, 2018 by using your current login credentials for CUETS Financial Online Banking. If you are not currently enrolled, you can visit and click the "New User/Enroll Now" link.

Information about Collabria, our new credit card provider and the cards offered can be found here: