Past Scholarship Winners

Meet the past recipients of the Plainsview Credit Union Emerging Leaders Scholarship! These young and driven leaders were awarded $1000 towards their post-secondary education as a result of their above-average academic performance and worth-while contribution within their school, community, and extra-curricular activities.

This scholarship not only exists to help aid young students with thier financial burdens, but also encourages youth to get involved in their community, give back to their communities, and strive to achieve greatness in their communities.  

Check out how these scholarships have impacted these Emerging Leaders.

A 2017 Scholarship Winner

A 2017 Scholarship Winner

"I am very appreciative for
being selected for this award
and am happy to know that
my contributions to my
community are acknowledged.
This award helped pay for some
of my textbooks, and the rest
will go towards paying off my
student loans. I am currently
finishing up my first year in
Dental Hygiene at Saskatchewan
Polytechnic, Regina Campus,
and look foreward to starting
my second year in the fall."
A 2016 Scholarship Winner

A 2016 Scholarship Winner

"Receiving this award has
made the transition from
high school to University
easier and has also
encouraged me to be
involved in my
community-continuing to
uphold the values of
which this scholarship
supports. Whether it be
through volunteerism, being
an active member on
university clubs, coaching
sports, or playing on the
Women's University Soccer
team, I know that none of
these great opportunites
would be possible without
the support from Plainsview
Credit Union."

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