Index Linked Term Deposit

Experience the security of a term deposit with the earning potential of the stock market. Index-Linked investments are tied to the average monthly performance of a stock index of your choice, such as S&P 500 Index®. Your principal investment is protected regardless of how the stock market performs. Now that's smart investing!

Plainsview Credit Union currently offers three index-linked term deposits:

  • North American Basket: The returns are based on the performance of 12 North American companies, each  representing equal weighting within the basket.  The North American Index Linked deposit product allows you to participate in movement of North American companies without placing your principal at risk.
  • MarketFlex: With the security of a principal guarantee, the returns of the MarketFlex are based on the performance of the S&P / TSX 60 Index.
  • Prairies Basket: Linked to the performance of 13 diversified Prairie companies, this 5 year term deposit has unlimited earning potential.

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